Healthy Weight Loss Revealed
Weight Loss for Women
When considering weight loss for women, one needs to think about biology and how women and men differ. Women naturally have more fat than men - on average a woman has 27% body fat compared to 15% on a man. Women also experience different hormonal changes as they age then men do, although men have hormonal changes to but they affect your weight differently.

In fact, for many women eating healthy foods associated with weight loss can actually alleviate some of the problems that only women have. PMS, for example can be alleviated when blood sugar levels are stabilized. Mood swings can be regulated with high amounts of soluble fiber like that which you find in apples and oats because this causes blood sugar to rise slower as opposed to a candy bar which will cause it to spike.

Eating meals that are balanced with fat, protein and carbohydrate can also help slow the rise in blood sugar and actually, combining these in an ideal portion is the premise of the Zone diet which claims not only weight-loss but better health due to the special combination of these compounds.

While weight loss for women may be a struggle as we age, it's important to eat healthier and get less junk foods not only to be slim but for your overall health. During menopause, huge hormonal changes are taking place that can cause a variety of unpleasant symptoms. However, eating a healthy diet can help lessen the symptoms. Reducing saturated fats will also help reduce risk of cardiovascular disease which is important in minute calls the women since they are declining estrogen levels can also cause bad cholesterol to rise and good cholesterol to fall.

So, basically, women have a harder time with weight as they age and the very things that can help keep weight off can also help ward off other health problems. Women who want to lose weight should consider cutting out all processed and packaged snack foods - these are loaded with sugar and have little nutritional value. Each lots of fruits and vegetables instead. Try eating a lot of whole grains and beans. Go light on the meat and try to substitute your steak dinner for salmon.

Healthy weight loss for women is no mystery, it simply boils down to common sense eating. Eat foods that are high in nutritional value and low in calories. Implement an exercise routine that you find easy and pleasant to follow. Lead a healthy lifestyle and you'll be rewarded with better health, more energy and a slimmer body.